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Rain, Sunshine, Weeds and Frozen Eggs

It’s been funny old weather again. I’ve not been to the plot for a week because of the rain, then it went all tropical for the weekend again, now it’s all cloudy and drizzling.

So, all in all, not got a lot done for much of last week, then went mad at the weekend, weeding the plot in time for Allotment Open Day, yesterday.

After clearing all the weeds that had appeared from all that rain, I discovered quite a few gaps in the brassicas, but it’s too late to sow most things again. I might try a bit of cavelo nero later in the week, just so I can say I tried though.

At least the flowers, especially the roses and sweet peas are doing well.


I found, hiding amongst those weeds at the back of the plot, a few volunteer spuds from last year. I must have done a really bad job of getting them all out. I’ve left most of them where they are. I had no particular plans for that spot anyway and more spuds are always welcome. A few even popped out whilst weeding. I’ll add them to the first of this years carrots one tea time this week.


Another thing I’m not short of is eggs. In fact the chooks are laying them far faster than I can eat them. Thankfully I’ve read that you can freeze them. So I bought some cheap little tubs and put a dozen in the freezer.


There is one defrosting as I type, just to make sure it is still a usable egg afterwards. If it is then I’m onto a winner and can freeze the surplus to fill the winter gap when they don’t lay at all.

Coming jobs include tending the tunnel, cutting the grass, once the rain goes away again, thinning flowers (who’d have thought I’d have so many I need to thin them!) and, inevitably, hoeing and weeding again.


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