Grow Your Own

Starting to Harvest

Things are starting to fruit and swell and pod. The weeds have been knocked back and I’ve started to harvest a few things. I got a punnet of redcurrents the other day and the first onion of the year. I got a small basket of spuds, lots of herbs and a few carrots too.

There are gaps, mostly because of the funny weather, torrential rain one week and a heatwave the next, but things are looking good at last.

The beans are flowering, the broad beans are ready to pick as well. Currants and goosberries, rhubarb, apples, all are looking good. The Atlantic Giant squash plant has a fruit on it. I’ll wait until it sets before I nip the plant out. Tomatoes are fruiting too and the cucumbers are at least putting in an effort. And I have beetroot bulging away too.

And I found this. One courgette plant and what looks like two different types of courgette. The round one is probably just a stunted fruit but it looks just like some round ones I had in last year. Odd, but it’ll get eaten all the same. Just like the bindweed in the picture copped it.



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