Great Days Out

As I’ve mentioned in the last couple of posts, I’ve been on holiday for the last couple of weeks. One place we went to was Beamish, the open air museam. It’s an amazing place with a world war two farm, an Edwardian mining village, Victorian steam railway and town, lots of walks, open buildings and houses, authentic shops and period dressed staff running and explaining everything.

It’s a great day out and cost just a smidge over £60 for me and Ben with East Yorkshire Coaches (EYMS). They took us there in a pretty decent coach, entrance was included in the price, and then brought us all the way back again. It was a long day, but a really great time out.

I was so impressed by the price and the service that we went to Yorkshire Wildlife Park the following week, only this time the weather was against us, though it didn’t bother the animals so much and so we saw pretty much everything, including lions and tigers and polar bears, oh my! Some of the pictures were a bit blurry though as the enclosures were a bit too far across for the zoom on my camera to handle.

I’ve not been so wet in a long time but it was well worth it just to watch a polar bear playing catch with a plastic container.


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