Historical Research

New Life and Ordinations

This is Tom Batty, the latest life I’ve been given to research. I’ve not found much on him yet but I’m on holiday and haven’t really been trying too hard. I’ve got his census and know who his parents and siblings are, so I’m off to a good start.


Between this life and the last one I blogged about I’ve done two others. One was a complete wash out. I couldn’t find anything out about him at all. The other I found the basics for, his parents, some military records, but nothing worth talking about as such. The most interesting thing about him was that I was not sure who his father was at the start, it was one of four brothers, but a little detective work found a snippet in the newspaper about his sister’s marriage and it included their parent’s names.

On the genealogy front I’m hot on the trail of Rev. Thomas Atkinson, who was ordained a priest in 1776 and was the vicar of Sancton and Newbald and is my 6th great grandfather. I’ve discovered that he was ordained at Bishopthorpe, the seat of the Archbishop of York, Archbishop Drummond at the time, and that the Borthwick Institute have transcribed the ordinations into a set of books. I ordered the relevant book, 1750-1799, and await it’s delivery. Apparently they print on demand and don’t seem to be overly quick about it as I placed the order nearly three weeks ago. I’m hopeful that there will be information about his parentage at the very least, as I have no idea where he comes from.



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