Historical Research

Family History, by the books

I finally got that book from The Borthwick Institute, York Clergy Ordinations 1749-1799. MY ancestor, Thomas Atkinson, vicar of Sancton and North Newbald, was indeed in there. There wasn’t much on him, just his baptism but it gave me his origins at least and a point in Cumberland to pick up the trail. It’s a place called Doveford in the parish of Kirkby Ireleth. I tried looking on Google Maps but all I can find is a place called Dove Ford, which looks like it could be a farm but could just as easily be a car dealership

At the moment I am concentrating on another family called Brown, paricularly Susan or Susannah Brown (nee Robinson), who was one of the fifty victims of the 1849 Hedon cholera epidemic. She’s even in a book called Death Comes to Hedon, though only as a name in a list sadly.

I spent much of last night trawling through Hedon parish records on microfiche and filled out a good chunk of that branch of the family tree. Now I just need to put it all together and make sense of it. The thing is there were an awful lot of Browns and Robinsons around at the time.



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