Grow Your Own

Magazines and Weather

I’ve cancelled my subscription to Amateur Gardening magazine ths week. It’s not a bad magazine or anything and it’s quite cheap, but it’s weekly and I’ve got about four that I’ve not even started to read yet. Also they include a free pack of seeds with each edition, sometimes two, and they’re always flowers. I grow flowers yes, but most of my space is devoted to fruit and veg. I have dozens of packets that will last for years yet, so no more for a while I think.


This is just a handful that I haven’t put away yet.


On the fruit and veg front, things are looking a bit weedy, partly due to me having a bad week of it and partly due to the weird weather. Normally it would bother me, but every other plot on the site seems the same, so it can stay weedy for a bit.

The autumn raspberries are going great at the moment, the courgettes are slow enough to cope with. Not a sign of a squash or cucumber though, but the sweetcorn looks like it’s trying for a gold medal, even the kale, which I thought had copped it ages ago, has made a come back. The spuds are looking really good and I’ve ordered a few extra hessian sacks (probably tempting fate there, but the old ones are starting to look like some of my socks!).

The french beans are literally dripping off the plants and the chickens must be working overtime as I’m having to eat huge omelettes and freeze eggs by the dozen.

So all in all, weather and all, it’s not looking too bad.


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