Grow Your Own

Off My Trolley

Not much to report. It’s been raining again, so I’ve been in the tunnel mostly and stringing up the onions. There’s six strings of them in that picture, can you find them all?


It’s got to that time of year where I’m waiting for a dry day or two to harvest the spuds. I’ve got the sacks ready and I’ve even got a new garden trolly. I used to use a shopping trolly but a couple of sacks of spuds was just too much for it and it snapped. This thing is supposed to handle 300kg loads so should bring the spuds back from the plot in one go, and maybe the sweetcorn too.


Those are 70l bags of compost in it, and very wet and heavy. It seemed to cope alright with them and it didn’t take much putting together. It does take a bit of pulling on the grass though. Thankfully its mostly pavement between plot and home.

Now, it just needs to stop raining for a bit.


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