Grow Your Own

Harvest Time

The grand harvest has started, albeit with continual weather interruptions. I’ve got the sweetcorn in, around a 100 cobs altogether, but I’ve been taking them as required for a while too. The whole lot are now wrapped in foil and in the freezer.

Half of the spuds are also out of the ground, the Roosters and Desiree. There is a row of Swift left to take up and a scattering of volunteers that need digging out as well. The Roosters amounted to a sack and a half and the Desiree, some of them huge, filled two full sacks.

I’m having to dig them up from wet ground, but the intention is to cart them all home in sacks once the whole lot is up, and dry them out in the shed a sack at a time, then re-bag them for storage.

Ideally I’d wait for a dry weekend to do the job but with all the rain I’m settling for just not raining for a few hours at a time.

Hopefully the job will be finished this weekend and the spuds will be dried and stored over the next week.

Then it’ll be time to remove all the weeds that the rain has encouraged and start the winter digging.


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