Grow Your Own

Spuds, At Last.

The spuds are finally out of the ground. It took me and Ben a good hour or so to lift the final few. For a 13 year old he can’t half dig and, once we were loaded up he pulled the trolley at least half way home. He made it look so easy I was surprised at how heavy it was when I took a turn.


It must be all the Devil’s food cake I feed him.


The spuds we grew this year were Desiree, Rooster and Swift, supplemented by a few volunteers left over from last year which looked mostly to be King Edward’s. The Desiree and Rooster were pretty good, large spuds and big crops and not too much slug damage. The Swift were disappointing and I won’t grow them next year, hardly any crop at all really.

The weather has held things up a while and the spuds had to be turned out of their sacks and dried in the polytunnel before being bagged up again. Still, they’re done now and should see us through until next year, as will the onions and sweetcorn and all the preserves I’ve been making. The really good thing is that I can’t remember when I last had to buy any of them, or leeks, garlic and beans for that matter. Just about every meal lately the veg and herbs have come mostly from the plot or garden.

Now it’s just a matter of tidying up, mucking and weeding and digging over for the winter, then sorting out what I want to grow next year. What’s left in the ground will be taken as it’s needed now unless it lasts longer than I reckon it will.



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