Grow Your Own

Compost and Blossom

I’ve turned out the compost in the garden bins. I was surprised at how much there was to be honest, and how much hard work it was. I got enough out to mulch the main bed, which has dried out and needs digging over again in patches. I also managed to top up a fair bit of the herb bed. Mind you, I’m filling the bins up again already.

I’ve had to order some soil conditioner in though, in the form of spent mushroom compost. The garden soil is not very good. It’s heavy clay and, despite being dug over in winter, with all the rain and then sudden sunshine, it’s set like concrete in places. I’ve ordered a pallet load of bags, about 3000 litres, and will put it on as a top dressing and dig it into the worst spots. The intention is to underplant all the fruit trees with perennial flowers and bulbs eventually.


I’ve potted on most of the brassicas and sown beans, squash, sweetcorn, pumpkins and courgette and a second lot of tomatoes.


Spring is definitely here now, along with apple blossom.


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