Grow Your Own


The soil in the garden, save for in the polytunnel, is heavy clay and terrible to work. It’s the kind of soil that’s brilliant if it’s just right, but impossible to dig if it’s not. Too dry, like it is now, and it’s like concrete. Too wet, like it’s been most of the year so far, and you could make pots with it.

So I’ve invested in a pallet load of compost. I’d have loved to have just bought a trailer load locally, but I just can’t find any, so I went for 3000 litres of spent mushroom compost in 40 bags, bought online from Quality Garden Supplies.


It arrived while I was at work and as I live on a crescent where big lorries have trouble pulling up, it was left at the end of the path and had to be hauled back way a bag at a time.


It’s pretty good stuff though, more manure than compost, very bulky and moist. It was heavy work getting it all on the beds, but it’s covered it well. I even managed to mulch the front garden with it, with enough left over to top up the polytunnel, the herb bed and fill a few tubs for this year’s squashes.


Hopefully the worms will take it down, though I’ve a feeling I might need another lot next year, though the intention is to plant bulbs, perennials and shrubs and maybe put in a water feature some time, so it might not be necessary as I won’t be digging it that often.


I will however be ordering a load for the polytunnel. 3000 litres should be just enough to fill the new raised beds I’m planning to put in come autumn.




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