Grow Your Own

It’s just too hot!

It’s just typical. The rain finally stops and all of a sudden it’s too flippin’ hot to do anything. I’ve managed to get the grass cut on the plot and the digging is almost caught up with. Next I need to get things planted out, but this kind of weather makes me wilt more than the plants. And, I’ve gone and put my back out to boot!

It’s getting better but I’ll need to take it easy for a few more days yet.

Anyway, before my lower back decided to turn bolshie and go on strike, I managed to do a bit in the garden, despite the 46 degree temperatures in the polytunnel.


I’ve planted the chillies, peppers and aubergines in the tunnel.


Discovered a frog, who was a tad camera shy. See if you can spot it.


I’ve put the brassicas out to harden off.


And the chooks are all in full lay again. Thankfully the BBC told me yesterday that I can eat as many eggs as I like without dying a horrible death.

I’ve also put out this year’s attempt at a giant pumpkin, in a tub of manure, with one kept back in reserve in the tunnel, just in case.


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