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Burglars, weeds and giant pumpkins

Break In!

I got to the plot the other morning to find both shed doors swinging open in the wind. At first I thought I’d left them unlocked the last time I was up there (it is very like me), but then I noticed that the padlocks were missing. I found them on the floor. Both had been cut off with bolt croppers. Apparently most of the sheds on the site had been broken into. Thankfully they hadn’t taken anything from mine, just rifled through things and made a mess, but others had lost things. A brand new rotavator was stolen from my plot neighbours.


The sheds are now just locked with a couple of tent pegs, save the cost of padlocks next time if they’re going to get in anyway.

I have a fair bit of expensive stuff in there too, from Wolf-Garten tools to rolls of enviromesh. Still, I don’t suppose they’d fetch much second hand and you’d need a truck to haul it all away. The only power tool I keep in there is a battery powered strimmer, but the battery (the most expensive part) and the charger are usually at home in the kitchen, and the thing is worthless without them.

I believe the site reps eventually got through to the police and reported it, though to be honest I doubt they’ll catch anyone. Perhaps karma will catch up and they’ll pop up on the local news, “thief chops off foot with stolen rotavator!”

Weeding and Sowing

Anyway, after that little bit of drama I set to raking out a large section of the main bed that has only just been dug over. I sowed a few more carrots, beet, lettuce, mooli and swede, then pulled the now flowering leeks and weeded the first lot of carrots.

I planted out a few ridge cucumbers where the leeks had been.

The plot is looking quite tidy now, especially after I got the path cut. The only bits that need a lot of work on them now are the side bed and the fruit bed at the back, and that last bit of main bed still needs digging.

There is just so much weed this year though, with the combination of rain and sunshine. The conditions are perfect for them, and less than ideal for going out in. Nevertheless, I’ve dusted off my sun hat and have made a start on the digging at least and I can get down on hands and knees to weed when it’s too hot to dig. I’m slowly but surely catching up.


This little fellow followed me around all  morning picking up bugs, then stopped to watch me while I had a cuppa, perched right above me on the shed guttering, and carried on when I did.


Giant Pumpkin

I’m attempting a giant pumpkin again. The largest I’ve had so far is a 21kg hundred weight pumpkin. This one is an Atlantic Giant, the famous one that’s supposed to grow to really stupid sizes. I’ve got one growing in the garden too. They’re just for a laugh really and they don’t taste of much apparently, but what the hell.



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