Grow Your Own

Too Hot!

Ok, I know, I moaned about all the rain. Well now I want it back again.

I’ve seriously neglected the plot recently. It’s just too hot to be out in the open at the moment and work means I can’t do very early morning or evenings. I’ve managed to keep on top of things, mostly because not much is growing, not even the weeds, though a few things are still doing well.

I’ve managed to weed down the side and harvest the strawberries.

The roses in the garden are doing well.


As are the dahlias and courgettes.


The apples are doing so well I’ve had to support some of the branches on one of the younger trees.


And I’ve harvested the garlic.


And the carrots are really good so far, on the plot and in pots in the tunnel.


On the negative side, that lovely brassica cage collapsed (new plan needed for next year), so I’m going to take it down and spray them this year.

Then I’ll spend the rest of the summer praying for rain.


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