Grow Your Own

Still Too Hot!

In the last few weeks I’ve hardly seen the plot. It’s just far too hot and, besides, its seems to be going fine without me. The spuds are doing well, as are the brassicas. It’s a bit weedy and there isn’t as much of anything as this time last year, but it’s not too bad really.

There are plenty of french beans. I’ve harvested the onions and the carrots are doing well. I’ve taken the nets off the brassicas as it was too difficult to get in them to weed. I’ll think of something else for next year. I have also got them weeded.

That terrible dry mess in the photo above is the plot next door. I’ve not seen the bloke who usually works it for over a year now. There are more and more plots going that way I’ve noticed.

Back home in the garden, in the polytunnel, things are looking really good. The cucumbers are the best I’ve had and I won’t need to buy any salad for a while. The tomatoes are starting to fruit and the chillies are great (the little ones, Razzmattaz, are very hot).

Outside, the apple trees are straining with the weight of fruit and the chooks are loving the sun much more than I am.


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